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Scrap steel

We make the best of it.

Kaatsch offers you the benefit of a perfectly coordinated process - from the point of acceptance to the complete recirculation of the scrap materials into the recycling loop. On arrival, we sort your scrap steel according to quality and prepare it using state-of-the-art equipment. This results in unmixed products, which can then be reused in full. With optimal bundling of quantities and direct access to the port, we open up access to the world market and thus minimize your logistics costs. Combined with direct distribution channels to steel works and foundries without middlemen, we ensure that you will always get the best price. This is not only best for you but also best for our environment.

This is recycling at its best.

Product list

Mild steel
Short metal sheets
Sheet scrap
Iron filings
Forging scrap
Heavy plate
Casting scrap
Industrial scrap
Long industrial scrap
Long industrial scrap for incineration
Boilers / tanks
Machine casting
Mixed scrap
Shredder waste
Shear scrap

Your contact persons

Peter Holzweiß | Marco Staigmiller

Phone +49 (0) 7153 7008-306 | Peter Holzweiß (Bereichsleitung - Handel)
Tel +49 (0) 7153 7008-243 | Marco Staigmiller (Bereichsleitung - Industrie)

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