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Our vision:

Create value.

As a reliable partner to our domestic, commercial and industrial customers - whether tinkers, thinkers, inventors or medium-sized companies - we will lighten your load. Located on the River Neckar, we are right there where you need us. From here, our trimodal routes lead out to the whole world, by ship, by train and by truck.

Management from left to right:
Daniela Wager-Zanker, Hermann Wager, Ralph Wager

Episode 1

Was uns antreibt.

Episode 1

Was uns antreibt.

Haben Sie sich schon einmal gefragt wie viel Stahl Sie jährlich verbrauchen?
Weltweit verbrauchen wir 1,6 Mrd. Tonnen Stahl pro Jahr. Ohne Recycling wäre das heute nicht mehr zu stämmen.

Wir sind der Frage auf den Grund gegangen und zeigen Ihnenf wo und wie mit Kaatsch aus Schrott wieder Stahl wird.

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Episode 2

Wer wir sind und was wir für Sie tun können...

Episode 2

Wer wir sind und was wir für Sie tun können...

Kaatsch ist mehr als nur eine Firma. Entdecken Sie die vielen Gesichter hinter den Vorhängen.
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Kaatsch Group

Regional roots – international network.

Founded over 70 years ago, Kaatsch is a family-run business deeply rooted in the region. As part of a strong group of companies, we are also internationally networked. With our many years of experience, commitment and extensive expertise, we take responsibility - for our company and the success of our customers.

And how do you benefit from us?
A waste disposal partner you can rely on - 100%.

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Good reasons to choose Kaatsch

8 good reasons from many

Both regional and international

As a medium-sized company with roots in Plochingen and a global network of reliable buyers for optimum cost efficiency in waste disposal in all market conditions, we complete the circle.


We promote new ideas and visions in a professional and practice-oriented way. In addition, we are involved in all important associations and organizations in the recycling sector, so that we can proactively speak on your behalf when decisions are being made.


Waste disposal responsibility is the key issue: whether testing for radioactivity or ensuring legal compliance, we are ISO-certified to industrial standards. With us, you are always on the safe side.


Our perfectly coordinated processes and industrial plants, state-of-the-art machinery as well as employees who are experts in their field provide you with optimal value creation.


With direct connections from the port of Plochingen to the deep-sea ports of the North Sea, to the highways A8 and B10, and with direct rail connections, we open up international transport routes and ensure effective and cost-efficient transportation.


Our relationship with our customers is one of partnership and trust, with open and direct communication paths at all levels.


Committed employees and more than 70 years of experience. We know the industry and your challenges. Feel our 100% enthusiasm.


Sustainable integrated solutions across the entire process chain - from A to Z - from a single provider. Both simply and conveniently for you.

Thinking ahead

Design the future of recycling together with us

We believe that success not only means achieving our goals but also constantly redefining them. This is why we are actively working for you. As a forward thinker and member of the executive boards and committees of the most important industry associations, we set standards together. We know the business and shape change - proactively and innovatively. This information advantage gives you the confidence to always find the best possible solution.

For long-lasting success, for many generations to come.


Create value

We believe that recycling means handling resources responsibly and efficiently. This does not only begin with the disposal and reprocessing of scrap and other waste, but also when it is produced. That is why we advise and guide you across the entire value chain.

Our goal is the optimal use of your resources in every process step - from material flow optimization through material separation and employee training to internal disposal logistics. To reach this we therefore provide you with our full experience, professional staff and our best equipment.

Focus on the essentials - we'll take care of the rest.



We consider our cooperation with our customers as a partnership of development. Our aim is to maintain your competitiveness in the long term. We achieve this together with each of us focusing on our core competence.

Let us join together to find the right levers for a successful future.


We think not only of today, but also tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow

And we think differently - away from short-term considerations to far-sighted planning with optimally coordinated building blocks in order to achieve more in the long term. More sales, more revenue, more sustainability - more value added

Engaged and encouraged

We give something back - always.

The idea of creating value extends far beyond the recycling process. What we are doing now determines our future and that of our children. That is why we offer training to young people and give them a career perspective. In addition, we are committed to social initiatives, sports clubs and schools.

We are Kaatsch

More than 140 employees,
85.000 sqm total floor space,
trimodal infrastructure and
unlimited possibilities

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