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Non-ferrous metals

Manage high-value goods professionally

From A for aluminum to Z for zinc: we accept all conventional commercial grades, separate them using a professional analysis and sorting technique and prepare them to uniform qualities. With our excellent global trade relations, reliable dealing with customs formalities and solid knowledge of the industry, we always get the best current price for you. Among other things, we are one of the few recycling companies to have the accredited China scrap AQSIQ export license as well as the CCIC self-inspection certificate.

We deliver professionally prepared quality for refineries and smelting plants - directly, economically and tailored to your individual requirements. The product-related recovery rates are between 80 and 100% with an energy saving of up to 95%.

This is the highest possible value creation - for both you and our environment.

Product list

Scrap lead, Schriftblei, balancing lead
Aluminum breakage profile
Aluminum alloy sheets low copper bare
Aluminum alloy sheets low copper colored
Alloy rims, clean
Aluminum beverage cans
Cast aluminum with iron
Cast aluminum without iron
Aluminum-ISO profile
Aluminum cable insulated
Aluminum body sheets
Aluminum radiators and lamellas
Aluminum radiators
Alu-Mg sheets 1-5
Aluminum offset plates
Aluminum profile bare
Aluminum profile coated
Aluminum ropes 99,5 without iron
Aluminum shavings
Chromium steel scrap
Stainless steel – 1.4310 scrap
Stainless steel – V2A or V4A scrap
Stainless steel – V2A scrap
Stainless steel – V4A scrap
Electric motors shredded
Electric motors
Copper deflection coils
Copper armatures and stators
Copper wire Berry
Copper sheets new
Copper cable insulated 38% – 42%
Enameled copper wire
Light copper
Copper rails
Bare bright copper wire 99,9 %
Peeled copper cable 60 % – 65 %
Heavy copper
Copper shavings
Copper core transformer
Tin-plated copper
Brass 58 scrap
Brass 58 shavings
Brass 63 scrap tin-plated
Brass 63 scrap
Brass hairwire
Brass heavy
Brass shavings mixed
Bronze scrap
Bronze shavings
Bronze turnings scrap
Bronze turnings shavings
Zinc metal plate old
Zinc metal plate new

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