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Make a difference

Sustainable value creation requires one thing above all others: perfectly coordinated processes.

As a pioneer and one of the leading companies in the recycling industry, we take responsibility - for our company and the success of our customers. We know the industry and make proactive changes. We believe that success not only means achieving our goals but also constantly redefining them. We are therefore setting standards that go far beyond the recycling process - with our many years of experience, commitment and extensive expertise.

What we do now determines the future.

Sustainable success

Waste disposal concepts for your company

Modern recycling management means that material flow and disposal processes are designed in such a way that each step interconnects smoothly. Do you know your own potential? And more importantly: do you use it?

With extensive expertise in this sector and many years of experience in material flow optimization, we offer you holistic solution concepts for your individual requirements and processes.

In a status analysis on-site, we discuss your needs and examine your potential in every step of your material flow process. Based on this, we develop a legally compliant and forward-looking concept, from which you will gain sustainable benefits. After all, process optimization plays a key role in maximizing profits.

This is holistic value creation that pays off.

Create best practice together

Cross-industry knowledge management

Knowledge multiplies when shared. As experts in the area of recycling and material flow optimization, we have an insight into a wide range of processes and know the best practice methods that result. We know that only by looking at the entire process can you optimize it. That is why we promote exchanges with the industry, companies and people who want to make a difference. With shared knowledge, we create best practices and added value to benefit us all. Talk to us.

Because the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts.

The right way forward:

Workshops, ERFA sessions, seminars & training courses

What we recycle must always be transported. Logistics is a core process within recycling which must be managed efficiently and sensibly. That is why we are constantly tackling topics and issues that "move" the industry in this context. We hold regular workshops and further training courses in which, among other things, we actively work to meet and improve the challenges of logistics in the recycling industry. In addition, Kaatsch Consulting offers both individualized and comprehensive seminar and training programs.

Let us create new standards and strengthen your company for the future. With an information advantage that gives you and your customers the confidence you need to always find the best possible solution.

Tips from practice - for use in practice.

Your contact person

Ralph Wager

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